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What is Email Automation? Everything You Need To Know

what is email automation


For businesses the highest return on investment (ROI) is achieved by sending emails. Market surveys have found that for every $1 spent on email marketing has brought an average profit of $35. More studies have revealed that Email automation software can double your clients leading to 80 percent boost in conversions. Obviously, it is possible only if you follow quality email automation strategies. But what is email automation? Why must you use it? How does it works? and what email automation tools I can get started with right now?

Here in this post, I will answer all of your questions. I will help you give a head start in email automation, even if you are a total beginner. Let’s just get down to the business.

What Is Email Automation?

Email Automation is a system that helps digital marketers send personalized emails to their subscribers. The Email Marketing Automation software enables business owners to send relevant and timely emails when a reader subscribes to a newsletter or when he makes any purchase.

what is email automation
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With the help of Email Automation, marketers can easily design the workflows beforehand. There are many types of workflows available ranging from Welcome Emails for new subscribers to sending transactional emails to buyers. A digital marketer using email automation has complete freedom of how to design the emails, schedule them and set various triggers, only once. After that every email is sent automatically.

Why must you use It?

When a business reaches a high number of clients and customers it becomes very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with them. For a small business owner it becomes quite a difficult task to track birthdays or which of the 800 plus clients on your mailing list is a music lover. But by implementing the strategy of Email Marketing Automation, you can know precisely who to send an email to, the right time to send with a relevant message to engage them with your business. These 9 benefits of Email Automation will help you answer why you must use Email Automation.

How Email Automation Works?

It really seems like a gigantic task when your only option is to manually stay in touch with your customers through one on one conversations. Here are the 5 features through which you can efficiently nurture a healthy relationship with your clients automatically. 

Customer Acquisition

The Email Marketing Automation software is equipped with hundreds of professionally designed squeeze pages, sign up forms, pop up forms and full stack sales funnels. These stand alone web pages and optin forms help marketers to boost customer acquisitions. Seamless integration of these pages with the website help marketers to increase their subscription rate.

There is a squeeze page and optin forms designed for all kinds of business. One can simply pick up the design he likes and edit the template to fit their own brand before publishing it. A full stack automation solution also provides hosting for free digital downloads like ebooks and mini video courses in exchange of the prospect’s mail id and other contact details.

List Segmenting

With the help of email automation marketers have the ability to create highly segmented lists of clients. A visitor to your website or online business, go through several stages of being a subscriber, being an avid reader of your blog, to becoming a customer by purchasing your services or other services you recommend. The email automation software will help you tag your prospects accordingly at different stages of your prospect’s journey.

Apart from that, marketers can segment their list according to their purchase history. It is quite easy to market your products and services to people who have already bought from you or have enrolled in your past services. Creating a segment of these clients and marketing to them your new services can produce highly effective and efficient email marketing campaigns.

Lead Nurturing

Many studies have revealed that prospects are more likely to prefer email over other methods to contact various online businesses. Hence, Email Marketing Automation tools play a central role in driving more sales for your business by nurturing these leads and converting them into paying customers.

With the help of various sales funnels, marketers can create different mailing lists according to the needs of the prospects. Each list can then be segmented according to the different activities a subscriber performs while engaging with your website. The only task remaining is to send follow up emails to these subscribers and educate them accordingly to help them decide which of your services is best suited for them.

Finally, we can send them emails offering them huge discounts and coupons on your services on their birthdays and anniversaries. You can also offer a bundle of your services on a mega sale during festive seasons to give them an incentive or push to buy your services. 

Brand Boosting.

Professional Email Marketing Automation softwares provides the marketers with informational analytical data. Various analytical data points like click through rate, open rate and customer retention rate enable business owners to identify which of their emails are receiving favorable responses. The information obtained helps marketers to get a crystal clear understanding about what his prospects want. 

A marketer can then take these data points and optimize his future email campaigns accordingly. This can help a marketer avoid any customer complaints, reduce bounce rates and unsubscription rates. These practices help build a mailing list which is healthy, functional and engaging. To sum up, it boosts your brand.

Boosting Profits

The email automation helps online business owners to save time and efforts by automating various repetitive tasks. Apart from that, such softwares also enables marketers to do A/B testing on various email subject lines helping them to understand which hook line is performing better and bringing more engagements.

These tools also help to identify the level of interest and intentions to purchase a service. Further it also provides various methods on how to reconnect with in-active leads, warming them and converting them into buying customers. Hence, email automation tools play a significant role in accelerating your Return on Investment (ROI) and boosting profits.

Email Automation Tools and Services.

There are lots of Email Automation Tools and services out there on the internet. And the list is growing with time. Each of them offer various high-end automation features. But for someone who is completely beginner and wants to test waters before diving into automation, here are the top free email automation tools.


Mailchimp is quite a popular option among the beginners and growing digital marketers. Its fee plan includes a monthly send limit of 10,000 emails and a daily send limit of 2000 which is more than enough for people who have just started their journey. Apart from that, its free plan provides Marketing CRM, a website builder, forms and landing pages.

Pricing: Mailchimp provides a free account for total beginners. However, for more advanced features its paid plans start at $10. They also offer a customized plan for transactional emails in blocks starting at $20 for the first block and decreasing with each subsequent block.


SendinBlue is a perfect solution for growing businesses to build automated workflows. It has been ranked among the top 100 email automation platforms in 2021. It has all the features a Small and Medium Business owner requires.

Pricing: With the free plan you can add unlimited contacts to your mailing list and send upto 300 emails per day. Its paid features start from $25.


Zoho Campaigns has the most generous free plan among all the freemium email automation tools. It features a drag and drop email builder, sign up forms, automation, send time optimization and campaign management.

Pricing: It has a forever free plan which will let you send 6000 emails per month to 2000 customers. Their paid plans start from as low as $1.


Email Automation Strategy can give your business a real boost. Sending emails manually without workflows can take away a lot of your time and efforts. With email automation you are always in control and more capable of delivering the right marketing message.

The process of sending emails automatically to your clients according to their activities and engagement with your website or online store is called Email Automation. It involves collecting email ids, segmenting the mailing list, sending follow up messages accordingly, experimenting with subject lines and promoting new services.

I have already listed the top 3 free email automation tools if you have just started out. However, for people who want more they can also go for their paid plans. Start with these tools, learn automation and increase your online business.

That’s it! You are good to go. If someone in your circle asks “What is Email Automation?” Just impress them with your new found knowledge. Or maybe you can share this article with him. 

Have any questions? Shoot them in the comments section below. I will make my best effort to answer them.

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