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Email Automation Best Practices: 5 Easy Ways To Drive Results

Almost 58% of online B2B businesses are planning to adopt Email Marketing Automation simply because of the high Return on Investment associated. But not all of the companies who integrate marketing automation with their website achieve the full potential of benefits, thus getting diminished profits. Only few successful Digital Marketers know and implement the Email Automation Best Practices and juice out maximum profits. You must be thinking now, what are these secret practices that help them achieve 5X more returns than the average.

Here in this post I am going to reveal the 5 Top Notch Actionable Email Automation Best Practices. With this knowledge at your disposal, you will separate yourself from the crowd and categorize yourself among the market leaders in just 10 minutes. 

Email Automation Best Practices
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The 5 Email Automation Best Practices

Like every game, there are certain rules, guidelines or best practices. Similarly the game of email automation has 11 important best practices. And yes, Email Automation is a game! You don’t need to know every bit and piece of email automation. In fact you just need to memorize and practice the following nine important guidelines of email automation to be at the top 10%.

There are many businesses who still don’t know the fundamentals of email automation. They may have learned how to send automated emails but they don’t have a single clue how their campaign will help them grow their business, if it ever does.

So follow these email automation best practices to create a highly profitable automated email campaign.

  1. Tagging your subscribers adequately.
  2. Know your subscriber more.
  3. Educate your subscriber with personalized emails.
  4. Show all of your content published on different platforms.
  5. Plan and optimize your workflows in advance.

Properly Tag Your Subscribers

What do you mean by tagging your subscribers? Simply it means to associate a relevant label with your subscriber’s email. Every professional email automation software has a feature with the help of which marketers can easily add one or two words to describe the email. Tagging your email lists provide the following benefits:-

  1. It helps to segment your list properly.
  2. You don’t necessarily have to create a different list. If tagging is achieved properly you will need only one email list for your business.
  3. With a single email list, there is no possibility of duplicate emails.
  4. In the absence of duplicate emails, it is highly unlikely to send duplicate emails to your subscribers, thus creating a better user experience for them.
  5. Thus, the chances of your emails reported as spam becomes quite low.
  6. There will be less number of unsubscribes and hence your list will remain healthy.
  7. Tagging will help you send email to the relevant audience instead of broadcasting to the whole list. This will help you reduce the cost of marketing.

Know Your Subscribers More

A name and an email id acquired from a lead magnet does not provide much information about the kind of person. A successful internet marketer knows the fact that people are more likely to spend money during their birthdays, anniversaries etc. Therefore, you need more information about your subscriber to unlock even higher revenues.

You can filter out the subscribers who are having their birthdays in the month of let’s say  December. You can then offer them exclusive discounts or coupon code only for them. If you go and look around various online brands, they have started asking for more details about their subscribers. They may do it upfront or might ask through an email after their newsletter subscription.

Knowing your subscribers with as much details as possible is huge as it helps in:-

  1. Email Personalization: Not just adding a first and a last name, personalizing your emails with yet more details about the subscriber can increase the open rate and engagement rate by 25%.
  2. Email Segmentation: By asking subscribers for more details, marketers can segment their list based on their location, interest, age, gender, preferences, buying history, activity, job designation, birthday, anniversary, income, level of education etc. This gives your business a huge edge over the competition. This also signifies that people trust your business operations more than their competitors. 

There are a number of ways to collect more data from your subscribers. But it will require yet another post to list them in detail. Tell me in the comments below if you are interested to know how to gather more subscriber data.

Educate Your Subscribers With Personalized Emails

Customer education or “customer empowerment” plays a vital role in growing your revenues. A company selling software, can send various tutorials and training videos through an email. A service provider can tell their subscribers about the various benefits of buying their services. 

Other ways of educating your subscribers more is through webinars, sending them relevant case studies and inviting them to your podcasts. You can also send an email, and tell them about various other social media platforms you are active on. These can include youtube, facebook, twitter etc. 

Educating your subscribers is a powerful marketing technique to boost your earnings.

Some of the key benefits of it are as follows:-

  1. It helps in skyrocketing customer satisfaction. If a client is properly educated about the new software he bought, he will be able to use all of its features without running into difficulties.
  2. Customer engagement soars to the highest levels. If your customer is happy, he will be more engaged with your products and services. It builds brand trustworthiness too. Therefore, he is more likely to renew a subscription or license with your products and services.
  3. Boost Your Brand Loyalty. With the loyal customer base at your disposal, companies can gain repeat orders which reduces the cost of marketing. Satisfied clients further strengthen your brand marketing through word of mouth.
  4. Superfast Customer Support. Educating your subscribers will lead to fewer complaints and queries. If you have built a knowledge base where all the minor problems are addressed then your customer support department will have to worry about more complex problems. Hence, it leads to superfast customer support. 
  5. Building Trust: Customer education helps in culminating trust in your subscribers. Publishing and providing helpful content ensures your subscribers that they are in good hands. This helps improve brand advocacy which is reflected in more sales and revenues.

Hence, educating your subscribers is one of the best practices to follow in Email Automation.

Show All Of Your Content Published Elsewhere

It is a very good practice to show all of your content published on other platforms. If you are active in facebook groups or have a facebook page, you must tell your subscribers about it. A great example where you can show all of your content is in your welcome email.

The open rate of a welcome email is the highest. So consider your welcome email as your first impression. If you are able to convince the subscriber that you are active on all other platforms, it will greatly strengthen the perceived value of your brand in the eye of the subscriber.

Planning and Optimizing Workflows in Advance.

There are many benefits to planning and optimizing workflows in advance. By doing so, you can ensure that your projects are completed on time and with minimal disruption. By planning and organizing your workflows in advance you can:-

  1. Avoid disruptions caused by last-minute changes.
  2. Save time by having a plan in advance.
  3. Minimize the chance of errors.
  4. Maintain continuity across projects.
  5. Create a workflow that is customized to your specific needs.
  6. Improve communication by sharing workflows with team members.
  7. Reduce stress by having a plan in place.
  8. Increase efficiency by automating tasks.
  9. Create a system that is tailored to your specific needs.
  10. Improve accountability by tracking progress.


Email automation is the best way to increase your website traffic and sales. But there are several best practices that you have to follow in order to reap maximum benefits. Here in this post I have written top 5 email automation best practices for you to help you execute your automation effectively.

Learning Marketing automation is just like a game. With time you get good at it. But only if you follow several guidelines, you can achieve success. Otherwise you will keep on making the same mistake. Therefore, you must do what successful digital marketers do. The list of following best practices have several benefits which I have listed in details above.

  1. Properly Tagging Your Subscribers.
  2. Knowing Your Subscribers More.
  3. Educating Your Subscribers With Personalized Emails.
  4. Showing All Of Your Content Published Elsewhere.
  5. Planning and Optimizing Workflows in Advance.

If you have any queries, feel free to comment below. I will make my best efforts to answer your questions. Share this article with your friends on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Pin the featured image to Pinterest and subscribe to our push notifications by hitting the bell icon in the bottom right corner.

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