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9 Amazing Email Automation Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

Email marketing is the primary source of lead generation for almost 90% of the digital marketers. Moreover, on an average 52% of companies and 67% of B2B business owners rely on email automation strategies to grow their online business. But why are these numbers so big? Obviously there are some heroic benefits of Email Automation, big companies don’t want you to know. But what are the 9 Most Amazing Email Automation Benefits you must know in 2022?

The 9 Most Incredible Email Automation Benefits

Here in this post I will list them all. These benefits will surely give you all the reason to implement email automation strategy to 5x your online business growth. Let’s just jump in!

email automation benefits

Insanely Automatic

The most important aspect of email automation is that they are insanely automatic. You just have to configure and design your workflows once. All the work of setting triggers and defining the sequence is performed by you in one sitting. After that it works on its own 24/7 without any manual intervention. You just set it and forget it. It works like magic!

Build Healthy Relationship

Business is helping other people. No business runs smoothly if the relationship with their customers is unhealthy. If a business gains the trust of their clients, it is surely growing the right way. There are many ways to gain trust. In email automation, there are 2 factors that significantly strengthen the bond between you and your clients. These are:-

Relevance: Sending emails that are helpful and relevant to your customers so that they don’t unsubscribe to your mailing list.
Specificity: Composing your emails to deliver a specific crystal clear message. It can be a promotional email that offers them a unique solution to their problems.

Usually, people are not looking forward to buying your services immediately after their first interaction with your business. Suppose, you gained a subscriber from your lead magnet (say an ebook). It should not be your signal to start selling them paid courses through email marketing.

You must first send them free helpful and relevant information. Let them interact more with your website or a blog. You must build a stronger base of your friendship before you can recommend your paid services. Email Automation enables you to increase your brand awareness by automatically sending relevant and engaging information from time to time.

Boost Customer Experience

Customers nowadays are aware of shady sales tactics. With so much competition around, customers will rather choose someone else’s services rather than giving into the buying pressure. They want to feel safe before investing their hard earned money. In short, they want a good and personalized experience while interacting with your business.

Email Automation helps you to achieve just that. During the lead generation process, you can collect various personal data like name, date of birth, mobile number etc. which the automation tools will store for you. You can then create and send people emails addressed by their names. Moreover, you can also create a custom discount offer on your services on their birthdays and inform them through a campaign.

Such personalized campaigns make use of variables which can then be replaced by names, date of births etc. automatically at the time of sending. In this way, you can boost your customer experience and in return you will get more sales.

Brand Awareness on Autopilot

Email Automation helps you send interesting, helpful and engaging information to your client’s door step. While they are consuming your content, the bond between you and your client is getting stronger with time. Remember, your client is doing all the active part of reading your emails while you are on vacation or working on your next big idea.

In this way, you increase your brand awareness completely on autopilot mode. You don’t even have to lift a finger for this massive engagement and profits. It is completely passive!

Save Valuable Time: Most Important Benefit of Email Automation

Email Automation will enable you to save a lot of your valuable time as everything is automated. You can just instruct the software to execute all the repetitive tasks for you. Meanwhile you can work on other areas of your business.

Time is the most valuable resource at present. If the company spends their maximum time in productive work, it improves the Return on Investment. Hence, Email Automation improves the time efficiency of your business which reflects into your profits.

Impressive Cost Cutting

Before email automation came into existence, business owners had to hire a team to constantly stay in touch with their customers. Paying monthly salaries to these employees and losses due to human error happening increased the cost and lowered the profits. Also a lot of time and effort were spent in managing such teams, employee engagement, and making sure emails were being sent as per the schedule.

Email Automation softwares has replaced all the costly man hours. Not only that, automation has increased campaign efficiency manifold. It has become so cheap, that there are even free email automation software available online which are quite impressive.

Error Reduction

As already discussed, email automation has reduced human involvement to send emails. This has led to huge reduction in human error. Email Automation software provides ready made professional email and workflow templates which you can tweak according to your needs.

Everything you need can be managed from a single place, therefore, reducing the likelihood of introducing errors and mistakes. Thus email automation is a must have component in your marketing strategy.

Creating Highly Segmented Audience

Email Automation also helps you segment your list of subscribers into different tags and categories. Suppose you want to send an email promoting a dog training course. It will be quite handy if you have tagged all the dog lovers in your list.

Or maybe you want to send a discount to all your customers who have birthdays in the current month. If you have properly segmented your list, it will become quite convenient to identify these people and market them.

It saves a huge amount of resources and avoids sending people irrelevant emails. Thus, it also helps you nurture your audience even more deeply which is always a good move.

Planning Future Campaigns

Email Automation tools provide huge amounts of data analytics to the business owner. This data helps marketers identify which of their assets are generating more favorable responses. There are several data points as listed below which help them understand and plan for the future.

  • Clickthrough rate: the percentage of clicks out of impressions.
  • Open rate: percentage of emails opened out of the total emails sent.
  • Retention rate: total time spent on an email
  • Bounce rate: percentage of people who navigated away from a web page or email.

There are many more data points featured by email automation software that will help you clearly craft your future growth strategy.

The No. 1 Free Email Automation Platform For Beginners.

If you are a beginner and searching for the best email automation platform, to build your email list and run automated email campaigns. Then look no further than SendinBlue. It has become the most loved email automation platform.


Pricing: The free plan enables you to add unlimited contacts and 300 emails/day which is more than enough.


Email Automation has been widely accepted by small and medium business owners as the main source of generating sales and revenues. There are a number of benefits of integrating email automation with your business.

You are able to completely automate your email marketing efforts. List segmenting will help improve efficiency of your email campaigns. Sending relevant and specific emails to your segmented list will help you boost brand awareness and nurture a healthy relationship with your clients.

The email automation software completely substitutes human involvement creating more accurate and professional email campaigns. The analytical data will help you plan your future campaigns according to what your customers are responding to.

Sendinblue is one of the best email automation which is completely free to start with.

That’s all for today. I hope my top 9 amazing email automation benefits have had your mind blown. If yes, share the article on your social media platform floating on the right edge of your screen.

Have more questions? or want to share something? Tell me in the comments below. I will make my best efforts to respond.

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