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Automate For Free: 5 Best Email Marketing Automation Software

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase sent to them through a promotional email. And the best part is these promotional emails are sent automatically with the help of a software or SAAS (Software as a service) tools. Email marketing automation can help you generate tons of profit on autopilot while you are on a vacation. But the problem is, it is really confusing to find the best email marketing automation software that fits your business needs. 

In today’s post I am not only going to cover the 5 Best Email Marketing Automation Softwares but also help you choose the right one for your business. I got you covered. Let’s get started now. 

11 Email Marketing Software Features You Should Never Ignore

There are hundreds of Email Marketing Automation tools and platforms available. But all of them have different sets of features and functionalities. So it becomes a tedious task to pinpoint the hidden gem. If you know the features you need to build a strong customer relationship, then finding the right tool becomes a cake walk.

However, for my dear audience who are 100% noob, I am going to share the top email marketing software features you should not ignore before making the decision. Get ready with the pen and note down the following features:-

Email List Management: 

Your email marketing automation software should allow you to import subscribers from an excel or csv file. It should perform vital tasks of storing and validating emails to maintain your list hygiene. undeniably, your list is your business that will stay with you forever.

Email Segmenting:

Your email software should allow you to tag your audience and divide them into different segments. Therefore, your best bet will be that software that has pre-made segmenting templates based on customer behavior and purchase history. So always be in a lookout of email segmenting in the list of features.

Email Drag & Drop Builder:

It is extremely important that your email marketing software has a no code drag & drop email builder. Such features help you make attractive emails without the need of a graphic designer or a coder. Hence, it is one of the most important features of a professional email marketing platform.

Pre Designed Email Templates.

While screening for Email Marketing softwares look if a particular platform provides a library of pre designed email templates. These professionally made email templates can then be customized and edited according to your business needs and branding.

Support Personalization.

The business and branding gets a significant boost when each email sent is addressed by the recipient’s name. Sending personalized emails and providing solutions tailored to the needs of your subscribers is powerful. Hence, always ensure that your marketing automation software contains these 2 features.

  1. Merge Tags: To replace the tags with the corresponding data of the subscriber.
  2. Dynamic Content: To change the text, images or call to action based on the subscriber’s behavior and journey.

Workflows and Automations.

Workflow or Journey Builders is an advanced feature of a professional email marketing software. Not only it helps you structure your emails it also send them automatically at the right time to the right audience. Before you sign up for any software, make sure it has Workflow and Automation features enabled.

90%+ Email Deliverability 

There is no point in building workflows and sending personalized emails, if the email is landing in the subscriber’s spam folder. So before spending money, make sure the email deliverability rate of the service provider is above 90%.

Analytics Dashboard. 

There is a saying, “You cannot improve which you cannot measure”. Therefore, your email marketing software should host an impressive Analytics Dashboard providing key data information as follows.

  • Open Rate
  • Click through rate
  • Unsubscription Rate
  • Revenue generated per email 
  • Which emails are performing well.
  • The best time to send emails and many more.

Third Party Integrations

It is of utmost importance that the email marketing software you chose can effectively communicate with your website. This can be achieved if the software has various third party integrations. So no matter your site is on Shopify, Joomla, Magento, or WordPress your list data will have a seamless sync with it.

Forms & Landing Page Builder

Your choice of email marketing software must contain a library of pre-made Landing pages and Forms. Apart from that it should have a full set of functionality when it comes to page and form builders. Nowadays, the professional and advanced email marketing tools do not require the knowledge of coding to build forms and landing pages. So, it should be the no. 1 feature you must be looking forward to before making any decision.

Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing refers to sending small pieces of your content frequently on regular intervals to keep your brand afresh in the minds of your audience. Undoubtedly, the more often your audience sees your brand the more trust you gain. Therefore, this feature helps you nurture your leads so that their resistance to buy services of your business is minimal.

5 Best Email Marketing Automation Software You Can Choose From in 2022.

If you are here reading this article, that means you have just started your online business and want to grow it. Undoubtedly, Email Marketing Automation software will help you convert your subscribers into paying customers and enable you to grow your business manifold in a user friendly and pocket friendly way.

Best email marketing automation software
Designed With Canva.

There are a whopping 500 plus email marketing solutions to choose from and finding the best tool for your business needs has never been so confusing. I hope the first part of my article has helped you screen out the kind of software solution you require.

Since you are starting out online, I have made a list of the best email marketing automation software that offer a forever free account with almost all the 11 features we just talked about.

Here is the list of 5 Best Email Marketing Automation Softwares for 2022.

HubspotA revolutionary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) PlatformStart for free
SendinblueRated in the top 100 email marketing automation software of 2021Start for free
OmnisendThe most easy to use ecommerce marketing automation platformStart for free
MailerliteLoved by more than 1 million happy customers worldwideStart for free
GetResponseAll-in-one email marketing software with a forever free account Start for free


Sendinblue offers the smartest platform for growing businesses. The marketing and sales tools in sendinblue will make you focus on the important activities while automating rest of the common repetitive tasks.

It has been rated among the top 100 email marketing automation softwares in 2021 and has excellent 4.5+ star ratings on Capterra, G2 and Trustpilot.

It has all the features that we talked about above plus more. More than 300 thousand customers from 180 countries are enjoying working with Sendinblue.

Startups love Sendinblue as it helps them get started with email marketing without paying any money. Even small business owners were able to shoot off their sales and revenues to the next level with sendinblue.


Hubspot is a revolutionary easy-to-use CRM Platform to get started with their free tools. It also has a paid plan where you can enjoy all its premium features. You can start with a free account or opt for a free demo account of the premium plan.

The Hubspot services are divided into 5 standalone powerful hubs that will help your whole business to grow.

Marketing HubLead generation, Marketing Automation and Analytics.
Sales HubAdvanced CRM, Scheduling & Meetings and Payments
Service HubFor Ticketing, getting Customer Feedback and creating Knowledge Base
CMS HubFor creating and managing content includes Drag & Drop Builder, SEO Recommendations and Website theme templates.
Operations HubData Synchronization,  Data quality automation and Programmable automation.

With over 1,40,000 happy customers spread over 120 countries, Hubspot has been trusted by many big brands like Trello, Suzuki, Survey Monkey, soundcloud etc. for their marketing automation. 


With omnisend you can easily create ecommerce marketing automation campaigns. On the other hand, it has powerful tools that your brand needs to grow. Omnisend is undoubtedly the most easy to use and easy to setup marketing automation solution. It also has the most awesome support rated 9.1 out of 10. If you are a shopify user, then omnisend will be the most perfect choice for your business. 

With omnisend you can easily send SMS campaigns to engage with your customers. It has prebuilt templates that are easily customizable according to your needs. Additionally, it can integrate with hundreds of ecommerce websites be it shopify, woocommerce, bigcommerce, etc.

If you are looking to switch from mailchimp to omnisend, you can do it in less than 30 minutes with just one click. There are more than 70 thousand ecommerce business owners using Omnisend as their primary marketing platform.

Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite will help you create beautiful and attractive websites, landing pages, sign up forms and other email marketing assets. At the same time the digital marketing tools in mailer lite can help you grow your audience and boost your revenues.

You can easily and seamlessly integrate major CMS like wordpress, ecommerce giant like Shopify and payment gateways like Paypal with Mailerlite.

With over 1.4 million happy and satisfied customers and an award winning customer support with 5 minutes of response time. For this reason Mailerlite has the fastest customer support experience.

It has a huge library of beautifully designed templates for newsletters, landing pages and sign up forms. Above all, Mailerlite is one such brand who are laser focused on delivering value.

Get Response

Get Response is a professional inbound marketing solution. In other words, it is a powerful system that will help you create websites and landing pages, generate leads through sign up forms and automate your email marketing. Moreover, you can get started for free with just your email and no credit card details are required.

GetResponse offers several personalized tools with over 23 features at an unbeatable price. Not to mention, with over 100 thousand paying customers and tons of helpful resources, you can easily join the league of super digital marketers.


Majority of the online business owners make most of their revenues through email marketing automation. There are hundreds of email automation softwares to choose from and that is why the new and growing webmasters are confused as to which software will work best for them.

Considering the problem in mind, I have tried my best to list down all the features your email automation software must have. There are 11 key functionalities of a perfect marketing automation software that you cannot simply ignore.

I have also listed down a list of 5 best email marketing automation softwares that will really help you grow your online business. All of them have the necessary features required for your business to catapult. Moreover, all of them offer a forever free account which is optimal for you to start capturing leads, drive traffic and market your products and services.

With this knowledge and tools at your hand there’s nothing stopping you to build your first automated campaign. I will advise you to start capturing leads by offering your audience free and valuable resources in exchange for their email and start nurturing a relationship with them before you try to sell.

I am very happy to help you find the best email marketing automation software for you. Now, it’s your turn to choose the right platform for yourself. In addition, don’t forget to share this article and follow me on my social profiles.

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