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The Best Black Friday Software Deals 2022

As the holidays approach, many retailers are gearing up for Black Friday Software Deals, the biggest shopping day of the year. For shoppers, this means getting up early, braving the crowds, and scouring store ads for the best deals.

Black Friday Software Deals 2022

But what about software deals? Black Friday is a great time to snag some deals on software and other digital products. Here are a few deals to keep an eye out for

Black Friday Software Deals Overview

SoftwareDealValidityGrab it
GetResponsesave up to 40% on any plan for the first 1,000 accountsNov 22-Nov 30Grab
MailerLite25% off any annually billed Advanced planNov 21-Dec 5Grab
ConvertKitOver 30% off on the Creator Plan for the first year.Nov 21-Nov 28Grab
BeeFree40% off the Team Plan (annual). Only for fresh customers.Nov 15-Dec 4Grab
Bouncer30% more credits with each pay-as-you-go purchaseNov 1-Nov 30Grab
Stripo50% Discount on Medium and Professional annual plansNov 25-Nov 29Grab
EngageBay40% off on all plans for life (only for new customers)Nov 14-Nov 25Grab
nTaks40% off on all nTask Premium ad Business package annual plans.Nov 24-Nov 30Grab
EmailOctopus90% off for new clients during the first month.Until Nov 28Grab
Encharge30% off for 6 months for Premium plans for new customersNov 25-Nov 30Grab
Smaily20% off any Smaily plan for six monthsNov 12-Dec 12Grab
Mailbird99% discount on business pay once and home pay once plans.Nov 23-Dec 12Grab
Klenty25% off on all annual plansUntil Nov 30Grab
Nethunt CRM20% discount on all the plans for 12 monthsNov 25-Dec 12Grab
Poptin35% discount on all the annual paid plansNov 14-Dec 3Grab
Neverbounce30% discount on bulk credits for email validationNov 7-Nov 25Grab
Salesflare20% discount on the Pro plan for 6 months.Nov 10-Dec 31Grab
Postaga80% discount for the first month of the Pro planNov 20-Nov 28Grab
Mailtrap 70% discount on Email API for all pricing plansNov 25-Dec 9Grab
Woodpecker30% discount for 3 months on a premium accountNov 18-Nov 30Grab
ClientJoy10-50% discount on all the lifetime plansOct 20-Dec 1Grab
Retainful30% discount on all the plansNov 1-Dec 5Grab
Froged60% discount on annual plan of Scale for one yearNov 16-Dec 2Grab
LinkedFusion40% discount on the yearly plan.Nov 25-Nov 30Grab
NewOldStamp25% discount on all the plansNov 25-Nov 30Grab
MySignature50% discount on the first payment of all the yearly plansNov 25-Nov 30Grab
BoxwardLifetime deal for 5 emails for $49Nov 20-Nov 28Grab
TemplateMonsterUp to 50% DiscountNov 21-Dec 1Grab
Emitto19$ only for the first month + discount on SMS creditsNov 21-Dec 4Grab
WPLoyalty30% DiscountTill Dec 5Grab
Cloudways40% discount on all hosting plans for 4 months.Nov 14-Dec 1Grab


GetResponse is an email marketing software that is scalable and easy to use. It allows you to create and manage your email campaigns with ease. GetResponse is a great tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their email list.

GetResponse Black Friday Deals
  • Black Friday Deal: Save up to 40% on any plan! Only the first 1,000 accounts (both new and existing customers) are eligible.
  • Validity: 22nd to 30th November
  • Create a free account with GetResponse


MailerLite’s fast and scalable email marketing platform is perfect for small businesses. It’s easy to use, and it’s free to get started. You can create beautiful email newsletters and send them to your subscribers in just a few clicks. Plus, MailerLite’s autoresponders make it easy to stay in touch with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

mailerlite black friday deals
  • Black Friday Deal: 25% off any annually billed Advanced plan
  • Validity: November 21-December 5.


ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing tool that makes it easy to create and send newsletters, courses, and other email-based content. Plus, it’s designed to be easily scalable, so you can start small and grow your email list as your business grows. This is one of the best black Friday software deals you can grab.

ConvertKit Black Friday Deals


This no-code drag-and-drop visual builder is exactly what you need to create beautiful and responsive websites and apps quickly and easily, without having to write a single line of code. That’s because BeeFree Pro comes with a wide range of pre-built templates for any kind of niche. You can save hundreds of man-hours using this builder.

BEEfree Black Friday Deals


Bouncer is a powerful email validation service that can help you avoid bounced emails and improve your deliverability. It uses a variety of techniques to validate email addresses, including checking for typos and misspellings, checking DNS records, and more.

Bouncer Black Friday Deals


Stripo is an email design platform with more than 700,000 users worldwide. It is a great platform for designing email newsletters, as it has a wide range of templates and tools to make your email look great. You can also use Stripo to design your email templates, which is a great way to save time and money.

Stripo Black Friday Deals


Engagebay is a CRM built and designed specifically to fulfil the needs of startups and growing companies. It has all the features you need to manage your customer relationships, sales, and marketing. And it is affordable, so you can get started without breaking the bank.

Engagebay black friday deals


As a project manager, one of the most important things you can do is keep track of your project’s progress. This includes knowing when tasks are due, who is working on what, and what the current status of each task is. One way to stay on top of all this information is to use project management software like nTask. It is a great tool for managing projects because it includes features like Gantt charts and time sheets.

nTask Black Friday Deals

Email Octopus

EmailOctopus is a powerful email marketing tool that helps you create beautiful landing pages with pop-ups to capture more leads and grow your business. You can use EmailOctopus to create a variety of different email marketing campaigns to grab your audience’s attention and convert them into paying clients.

EmailOctopus logo


Encharge is a marketing automation tool that can help you save time and money by automating your marketing tasks. With Encharge, you can easily create and manage your email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and other marketing tasks. It has dozens of integrations that allow you to connect your Encharge account with your other marketing software, like Facebook, Calendly, Typeform, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.

Encharge Black Friday Deals


Smaily’s newsletter tool is not only easy to use but also packed with features and integrations to help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns. With Smaily, you can easily create and send newsletters that are both effective and efficient.

Smaily logo


Mailbird is a desktop email client for Windows that offers a range of customization options and integrations to help you make the most of your email. The Mailbird interface can be customized to suit your needs, with options to change the theme, layout, and even the language of the interface. There is also a range of integrations available, including support for popular email services like Gmail and Outlook.

MailBird Black friday deals
  • Deal: 99% discount on business pay once and home pay once plans.
  • Validity: November 23–December 12


Klenty is a sales engagement platform that integrates with your email, CRM, and other sales tools to help you reach your prospects and customers on the channels they use most. In today’s world of sales, engagement is key. And to engage your prospects and customers across multiple channels, you need a sales engagement platform that integrates with the tools you use every day.

Klenty logo

NetHunt CRM

Nethunt sales automation is a tool to automate your lead nurture process. With this tool, you can easily set up a series of email campaigns that will keep your leads engaged and moving through your sales process. Plus, with NetHunt’s integration with your CRM, you can keep track of all your leads in one place and ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

NetHunt black friday deals
  • Deal: 20% discount on all the plans for 12 months (new users only)
  • Coupon Code:
  • Validity: November 25-December 12


Poptin is a great toolkit to improve your website’s conversion rate. It offers a wide range of features to help you optimize your site for conversions, including A/B testing, heatmaps, and more. Plus, their team is always available to help you troubleshoot and optimize your site. You can take advantage of this one of the best black Friday software deals.

Poptin logo


NeverBounce is a real-time email validation tool that can help you ensure that your emails are going to the right address. This tool helps you improve email deliverability by checking each email address that you provide against a database of known email addresses.

NeverBounce black friday deals
  • Deal: 30% discount on bulk credits for email validation
  • Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY22
  • Validity: November 7-November 25


Salesflare is a powerful CRM for small businesses and startups. It’s designed to help you close more deals and get more out of your customer relationships. It can integrate with over a dozen popular business software tools, including accounting, email, project management, and eCommerce platforms. Salesflare also has a custom dashboard feature that allows you to create custom reports and dashboards.

SalesFlare Logo
  • Deal: 20% discount on the Pro plan for 6 months.
  • Coupon Code: BF22
  • Validity: November 10-December 31


Postaga is a powerful cold email outreach tool with the help of which you can easily find and contact potential customers, and track your results. This tool makes it easy to find potential customers by providing a searchable database of over 200 million businesses. You can also use Postaga’s advanced search filters to find the right contacts for your business.

Postaga Logo
  • Deal: 80% discount for the first month of the Pro plan
  • Validity: November 20-November 28
  • Coupon Code: friends50 (50% off for the first month)
  • Create a free account with Postaga.


The Mailtrap is an email delivery platform built for developers to send and test emails to measure deliverability. With the help of the Mailtrap Email API, you can send emails on time from any application, keep track of deliverability with insights, and log emails for up to 60 days for troubleshooting.

Mailtrap black friday deals
  • Deal: 70% discount on Email API for all pricing plans for the first 6 months
  • Coupon Code: BFCM22
  • Validity: November 25-December 9


Woodpecker is a cold email outreach and sales automation software that helps companies automate their sales process. It is a tool that can be used by both small and large businesses to increase their revenue. The software has been designed to help companies with their multi-channel outreach, which includes email, social media, phone calls, and more. It also provides the ability for users to create personalized templates for each channel they use.

Woodpecker logo
  • Deal: 30% discount for 3 months on a premium account along with a 30-day free trial (for new clients only)
  • Validity: November 18-November 30


Clientjoy is a great option for people looking for a CRM with a sales pipeline and the ability to accept payments. With Clientjoy, you can easily manage your sales pipeline and keep track of payments and invoices. Plus, the built-in payment processing makes it easy to accept payments from clients using Stripe, Razorpay, Paypal, etc. Clientjoy has its rankings among the best black Friday software deals.

clientjoy black friday deals


Retainful is a great option for anyone looking for an all-in-one email marketing automation solution. With Retainful, you can easily create and send automated emails to your subscribers, track engagement and conversions, and more. Plus, Retainful integrates with a variety of other platforms and services, making it a versatile tool for your business.

Retainful Logo


FROGED offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses support and onboard their customers. It also includes a ticketing system, live chat, and a knowledge base to help your business provide proper support to your clients.

Froged black friday deals
  • Deal: 60% discount on annual plan of Scale for one year
  • Coupon Code: FRIDAY2022
  • Valid: November 16-December 2


LinkedFusion, a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool helps automate your LinkedIn account so that you focus on other aspects of your business. This tool can help you grow your network, connect with new prospects, and easily build relationships.

LinkedFusion Logo
  • Deal: 25% discount on half-yearly plans and 40% discount on the yearly plan.
  • Validity: November 25 – November 30


NewOldStamp is an email signature management tool that allows you to create and manage your email signature from a central location. It also allows you to integrate your signature with your email client like Exchange, Google Workplace, and Microsoft 365 so that your signature is automatically added to your outgoing messages.

Newoldstamp Black Friday Deals
  • Deal: 25% discount on all the plans (discount will continue for future payments)
  • Coupon Code: BF2022NOS
  • Validity: November 25 – November 30


MySignature is a service that allows you to create a personalised email signature with your photo, name, and contact details. You can also add a link to your website or blog, and even include a short message or tagline. This tool also offers email tracking, so you can see when your emails are opened, and by whom. This is a great way to keep track of your correspondence and to make sure that your messages are being read.

MySignature Logo
  • Deal: 50% discount on the first payment of all the yearly plans.
  • Coupon Code: SigFriday2022
  • Valid: November 25-November 30


Boxward is an email warmup tool that can help you increase your email deliverability by up to 30% and get more leads with your outreach. That means more of your emails will make it into your recipients’ inboxes, and you’ll have a better chance of getting your message across. It also shows the health of your email address which can affect deliverability.

Boxward Black Friday Deals
  • Deal: Lifetime deal for 5 emails for $49
  • Validity: November 20-November 28

Template Monster

TemplateMonster is a marketplace for digital designs that offers a wide range of ready-made templates for WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Elementor, Shopify, Joomla and more. All templates are developed by professional web designers and developers. One of the best things about TemplateMonster is that they offer a wide range of customization options. You can add your logo, photos, and other elements to make your website unique.

TemplateMonster Logo


Emitto is a no-code messaging tool that allows you to easily create and send personalized SMS and web push notifications. This tool has a simple drag-and-drop interface to design your messages. It also has a powerful algorithm to automate and schedule your messages to streamline your workflow, save more time and increase ROI.

Emitto Black Friday Deals


WpLoyalty is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a loyalty program for your website. It is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that lets you award points to your users for various actions they take on your site, such as commenting on a post, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase. You can then use these points to give your users discounts, freebies, or other rewards.

wployalty logo
  • Deal: 30% discount.
  • Coupon Code: BFCM30
  • Validity: Till December 5.


Cloudways is a leading managed cloud hosting platform that provides optimized solutions for WordPress, Magento, PHP, and Laravel. It offers a hassle-free experience with 24/7 support and a user-friendly interface.

  • Deal: 40% OFF for 4 Months on all hosting plans + Up to 30 Free Migrations
  • Coupon Code: BFCM4030
  • Validity: November 14 to December 1

Wrapping up Black Friday Software Deals 2022

Black Friday is finally winding down. So you should take advantage of these great email software deals! Now is the time to buy the ideal email software for your business and save tons of money on subscription costs.

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